Fall Equinox Cleanse

With the equinox approaching, it is a great time to do a cleanse! An autumn fast eliminates the residue from excess sweet and cooling foods we tend to enjoy in the summer, and helps our body prepare for the storage season of winter. I personally don’t think you should just do any cleanse just any time of the year. I also don’t think that a cleanse should be a scary thing or make you not want to leave your house. Depending on if we are going into summer or winter will determine the type of cleanse I choose.

steamingIn the autumn I promote a steamed vegetable cleanse, this cleanse is particularity beneficial to the colon due to the increase in fiber. The reason I like steamed vegetables at this time of year is because it is getting colder out and our body is trying to prepare for winter – a juice cleanse or complete fast would not be as beneficial at this time in the year as it would be in the transition from cold to warm weather.

Why cleanse?

  1. Well, because a lot of the food we eat today is not actually that good for us (sadly not surprising..). A lot of our everyday typical foods are made in factories, gmo, have pesticides… it goes on. We need to give our body a chance to eliminate the toxins a few times a year for ultimate health.
  2. Virtually every religious and healing tradition recommends fasting for therapeutic or spiritual advantages.
  3. To overcome emotional attachment to food – ah yes… this one I think we all know about. When you’re tired/ angry/ sad do you reach for a particular food? This is not a healthy attachment, a cleanse will help reset your body in a way.
  4. Between seasons, we eat and live differently in Canada where we have a very extreme difference between summer and winter. I like doing a spring cleaning and fall flush to help my body prepare.

Any Cautions?

  1. I would recommend avoiding a cleanse in the middle of winter on a very cold day – or any cold weather actually. If you really want to, do a 1-2 day cleanse, an extended fast could be harmful.Six-Top-Cleansing-Foods
  2. Do not cleanse during pregnancy or lactation. You need to nourish your body at that time with a health building diet.
  3. It is not advised to cleanse during a serious physical or mental degeneration – unless advised by your doctor.
  4. It is important to remember that a cleanse is to remove the toxins from your body. Not every cleanse is appropriate for every person. Just like in Acupuncture, we treat each person differently and so does food. It can depend on your emotional state, your blood type and your constitution what cleanse will and will not be beneficial.

I tend to do a juice cleanse around the spring equinox or summer solstice and a steamed vegetable cleanse around the fall equinox. I do this because a liquid cleanse is more cleansing and alkaline forming whereas a steamed vegetable cleanse is building and acid forming. I also enjoy using the equinox and solstice as my cleanse time because it is a time full of movement and self cleansing.


Steamed Vegetable Cleanse

  • If you have been over eating – especially sweets, nuts, beans, grains, dairy or eggs. (See why this cleanse is awesome for after summer!)
  • Take at most three different vegetables at a time.
  • Lightly steam vegetables.
  • Drink water or herbal tea according to thirst.
  • 3-5 days.

Whole Grain Fast

  • If you want to improve metal focus.
  • 3 days.
  • Rice, Millet.
  • Water or grain beverage between meals.
  • Can eat sourdough bread (naturally leavened bread of unrefined grains).
  • Can add black peppercorn, fennel, cumin, and/or ginger.
  • A mug bean and rice fast is commonly used by yogis and referred to as ‘the food of the gods’.

There will be more cleanses when spring comes, I promise! Join me and give one of these cleanses a shot and see how you feel.


“A healthy outside starts from the inside” – Robert Urich

Acupuncture can improve athletic performance

If you know me at all, you will know that I am very passionate about sports and living an active, healthy lifestyle. I have experienced a variety of sports injuries – the leading injury to date ended with two knee surgeries. I ruptured my ACL, tore my MCL and medial meniscus – the triple threat as the surgeon called it.IMG_3776
I am fortunate enough to have already found Acupuncture at the point of my knee injury
because I was able to use it in my pre- and post- surgery rehab. My surgeon asked what else I had been doing at my check ups and I explained my use of Acupuncture and he was thrilled! Let me explain why…

There are typically two types of sports injuries. The first type is overuse or chronic – usually the result of repetitive training.

Whether its tight muscles, recovering from a chronic injury or from an acute injury; athletes want to get back out on the court/ice/field/ etc. as soon as possible with a minimal chance of re-injuring yourself. First, lets see how acupuncture can help with tight muscles and overuse injuries.

Tight muscles can really inhibit an athlete’s performance by restricting movement and pain. When a muscle is tight, it is the Trigger points/ motor points that cause the pain. They inhibit range of motion by keeping muscles short and can also weaken the muscle. Not all trigger points are painful, but when you feel that knot in your calf or trap (shoulder area), you’re feeling the motor/trigger point. If it is left long enough, excessive muscle contraction can potentially disarticulate joints or even cause nerve entrapment. Acupuncture is veryeffective when it comes to releasing a trigger point. The needle is inserted directly into that specific area and you will actually feel the muscle jump a lot of the time – it is such a neat and unique feeling! By releasing the tension in the muscle it will allow it to ‘reset’ in a way. Combining IMG_1401Acupuncture and massage is extremely effective when it comes to tight muscles. When you come in for Acupuncture for tight/sore muscles, you will likely experience a muscle release, cupping, guasha, and/or electroacupuncture. Acupuncture helps restore the muscle to its full length therefor recovers its normal function, metabolism and blood supply. Acupuncture can usually achieve immediate results, keep in mind that it is important to continue regular treatments if you have been experiencing muscle pain for an extended period of time. It is important to know that this therapy is so much more than IMS. When you seek a Registered Acupuncturist for muscle tension, I will use trigger points to release the muscle but also Acupuncture points to help your body recover faster.

Overuse injuries occur over a period of time or from not taking care of an immediate injury, they can be linked to tight muscles as well. Typically the pain with a chronic injury is described as a deep, dull ache or numbness and tingling.

The second type of sports injury is an acute traumatic injury. These are the sprains, strains, etc. that usually initiate an inflammatory response and have a more intense pain than overuse injuries. Many professional sports teams have Acupuncturists on staff for this very reason. Acupuncture helps reduce the pain and inflammation as well as improving movement to help you move closer to your goal of playing again.

Acupuncture effectively treats sports injuries literally from head to toe. Recent studies have shown that it can also improve performance and give athletes a competitive edge.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask, I would love to help you get back out playing your sport as soon as possible!