I struggled with knee problems for years after an MCL strain as an athlete. Tried to get back to training with physical therapy and sports massage, but nothing helped. I wasn’t too sure about acupuncture because I didn’t really understand how it worked, but after one session with Taylore my range of motion returned 100% and I regained complete faith in my knee. Three years of contact sports and abuse later, and knee pain has never again even crossed my mind. I would recommend Taylore to anyone looking to rehab an injury or relieve any sort of pain. – Rae, 25 

Taylore is amazing!!! She has been making me feel so much better!! Would definitely recommend her to anyone with any kind of health issue!!! You won’t be sorry!!! Thanks so much Taylore!!!!.  – Lori, 43

I tried this out as I was in dire need of muscle tension release in my lower back.  I originally went there for lower back pains and after the consultation and treatment I noticed whole bunch of other improvements. Started looking into this acu thing more and is really neat what these people trained in this can really do for a person. I was very interested after and the results just kept getting better and better after every visit. The more honest you are with issues to her the better the results will be. Very, Very highly recommended and will continue with treatments to better myself. Taylore is a very personable, likeable, easy to gain trust person and will succeed in her career very easily. Book an appointment and try for yourself.  – Shane, 38

What Taylore has done for my back problems has been awesome, the cupping as well as the acupuncture has helped me immensely and will continue to use her!! Great atmosphere and great results!! Highly recommended!! – Dennis, 40

Amazing. Taylore is amazing. I am a big supporter/believer in acupuncture and this woman has a real gift for it. It really is a dying art of sorts. The first time Taylore ever worked on me I was having shoulder issues. I had gone to a doctor and chiropractor. Taylore treated me that same night. The next day when I went back to the chiropractor he was in disbelief at how well I was moving and asked what I did because he knew he hadn’t fixed me in one visit. When I told him Taylore gave me an acupuncture treatment he was in awe at what she did with me! It’s hard to come by someone who has studied acupuncture inside and out 100% recommend her!  – Trista, 27

I don’t usually write testimonies but I suffer from constipation and I have tried everything. Tired of laxatives, I took a friend’s advice and tried acupuncture. Before seeing Taylore I hadn’t had a bowel movement in over 4 days. And I hadn’t had a normal bowel movement for weeks. About 4 hours after the treatment I had a soft, normal bowel movement, with lots of stool. I couldn’t believe it, I feel so much better. Thanks! – Julie, 32

As a paramedic, I work long, stressful hours, usually don’t get enough time to eat or sleep, and lift people double my size. After 7 years of taking care of strangers, I decided I needed to start taking care of myself. I first started seeing Taylore for back pain. One day Taylore did a treatment for PTSD and stress relief; and it changed me completely. I walked into the clinic feeling tense, tired, and grumpy. I left feeling relaxed and happy. The muscle pain relief part of acupuncture made sense to me, but I was skeptical of an emotional side. But this is now a staple of my well being! I appreciate it so much, it has made such a huge difference to my life. And my back pain is gone too. Thank-you Taylore! -Reagan, 26

I was an acupuncture skeptic with a significant fear of needles prior to starting with Taylore. I have had problems with my calves for about 14 years. I also tore my ACL and had it replaced around that time. At this point, any sort of exercise, even just a walk, led to my calves being hard as rock. I have also had plantar fasciitis twice, the most recent being this summer and I couldn’t resolve it. Over the years I have sought help from physicians, physiotherapists, massage and physical trainers. Ultimately none made a difference with my calves or my foot. After constant pain in my foot for 4 months I decided to try acupuncture – big step for me. 

Taylore was and is fantastic. She was very understanding and willing to respect my trepidation and move at my pace. We have made lots of progress, both with my comfort level – which I attribute entirely to Taylore’s ability to identify people’s needs and her calm and comforting nature, and with my pain. Since my first treatment I haven’t had a single bout of plantar fasciitis and I’m learning what regular muscles look like- they’re actually soft and malleable when at rest!! I definitelyrecommend a consultation with Taylore for any number of reasons or issues!! -Kathryn, 32

I have used acupuncture over the last couple of years to help with both physical and mental/emotional aspects of my life. I don’t think there’s much that can’t be fixed with acupuncture and I think it’s something everyone should try while keeping in mind that like all things worth doing, it takes time and patience, but in the end is surely worth it!       – Colin, 25

I suffer from a serious old injury and fibromyalgia and go for regular acupuncture and massage to keep on top of pain. Taylore has been a part of this for the last while and she is thoroughly professional, deeply caring and goes the extra mile to get results for her clients. I appreciate her warmth, knowledge and the great relief she has brought to me.     -Leanne, 47

Suffered from migraines and sore shoulder muscles. Five visits later, the muscles in my shoulders just released all built up tension.
Taylore is amazing.
Thank you so much for helping make my life pain free. -Sarah, 39

I had terrible shoulder pain and nothing was helping. I am amazed how Acupuncture has releived this constant pain. Thank you Taylore! – Helen, 50

I suffered from horrible carpal tunnel in my arms …my hands would go numb all the time… Taylore has done wonders for me she is absolutely fabulous I would never see anyone else. – Tanya, 34

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